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Thinking about skydiving, maybe for the first time?

You've come to the right place! This is the only independent  online guide, which is dedicated to early stage skydivers and all  those  who are considering  making their  first skydive,  whether through tandem, accelerated free fall, static line or indoor skydiving wind tunnels. We'll give you clear unbiased advice on the advantages and disadvantages of each option and we'll help you to decide whether it's right for you. We're a free resource written by qualified instructors and we aim to save your wallet, save your time and maybe much more....

Accelerated free fall student Ron Gooch with AFF Instructors Rob Ames and Jon Turner. Photo by Dougy Young

Do any of these things restrict you, or your skydiving plans?

  • Anxiety, fears of flying or fear of heights? looking for some help and advice to overcome them? - it's what we do.
  • Too young to skydive? we'll explain why you might not be too young at all.
  • Are you trying out parachuting over forty years of age or even much older?  Not a problem at all, we can help .
  • Got medical problems or disabilities ? wonder if they will stop you skydiving?  you'll be surprised at what's possible.
  • Or maybe you simply want to tell people about your experience or raise money for charity? Register and blog it here.
  • Ed is having a ball on his first ever skydive, to celebrate his 16th birthday over Netheravcon drop zoine. Tandem Instructor Louis Saunders, Camera Becky Bull, the other jumper is Eds Dad, aka the Accelerator.

    Use this free, independent skydiving guide because..

    • You’ll see the avoidable problems of your skydiving course, before they bite you and you’ll steer away from them in good time
    • You’ll land safely after a positive and truly life enriching experience – and you’ll want to go and do it all over again
    • Even after a great first skydive, when you want to continue we’ll still explain why some of you should ‘quit while you’re ahead’ after just the one jump.

    “are you ready to skydive?” .......not yet?

    You soon will be. Step into my office. Smile

    The Accelerator


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